How to change a transmitter ID on a Vantage Vue?

If you are having issues getting data from your Vantage Vue sensor suite, or the data seems incorrect, you may be getting interference from another weather station that is within transmitting range. The best solution is to change the transmitter ID on your station and console to one that is not getting interference.

To change the transmitter ID on your Vantage Vue:

Vantage Vue sensor suite:

  1. Push and hold the transmitter ID pushbutton until the LED begins flashing quickly. This indicates it is in the setup mode.
  2. Release the pushbutton, and the LED will go dark.
  3. Push the pushbutton the number of times equal to your desired new transmitter ID. That is, if you want to change the ID to “3,” push the pushbutton three times; for a desired ID of “4,” push the pushbutton four times.

After four seconds have elapsed with no further presses, the LED will blink the same number of times as the new transmitter ID. (After blinking the transmitter ID number, the light will begin to flash each time a packet is transmitted, about every 2.5 seconds.)

Vantage Vue Console:

  1. Enter Setup Mode by pressing and releasing 2ND and then SETUP.
  2. Press DONE several times to move to screen 6. You will see STA # VUE ISS.
  3. Press the < and > keys to select the same transmitter ID you chose on the sensor suire.
    Note: When you select a transmitter ID (1 - 8), the ID number is displayed on the screen as well as its current configuration (OFF, VUE ISS, VP2 ISS or WIND).
  4. Press the + or - keys to toggle console reception of signals from transmitters using that ID on and off. (Make sure only the ID you are using is set to on, all other IDs should be off).

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