How do I update the Firmware on my WeatherLinkIP data logger? - (FAQ)

Video Instructions

Check out our YouTube video that steps you through the process of updating your firmware.

Written Instructions

  1. Download the firmware from our Firmware Support Page.
  2. Launch the WeatherLinkIP_Firmware_vXXX.exe file.
  3. The Firmware Updater dialogue window will appear.
  4. Select Local Device ID (DID) and click the Find button. This will populate the Local Device ID field with your DID #. If you know the IP address for your data logger, you can enter it into the remote IP address field instead.
  5. Once your device is found, click the Start button. A Firmware Information Dialogue box will appear advising you of your current Firmware version. Click OK to proceed or Cancel to stop the update.
  6. Once you click START, the progress bar will begin to show the update progressing. Once complete another dialogue box will appear advising Firmware Update Succesful! Simply click OK and you're all Done.

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