(SOFTWARE) Fleet DriveRight Update 3.9.5a Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

RELEASE DATE: 09/06/2016

Note: This is only for users with Fleet version 3.0.0 or higher.

Version History

What's New in v3.9.5a

  1. Modified program to remove ACS Smartcard driver installation to prevent users from installing the driver accidentally.

What's New in v3.9.5

  1. Added support for Athena SmartCard DriveRight download.
  2. Integrated Trip Map, Day Map, and Accident Log Map with Google Maps™ API V3.
  3. Fixed Accident Log Report date and time format in Report Viewer and Excel® to match the user's preference.

What's New in v3.9.4

  1. After performing a Backup, it now deletes the old records.
  2. Added Time in Motion to Days table.
  3. Fixed data overflow error in Vehicle Activity Report in Excel.
  4. Support for all CarChip parameters has been added to this release. Parameter logs are saved in CarChipParameters table and can be browsed from Database menu.
  5. Wireless device serial number is now shown on the Add New Base Station and Add New On-Board Module dialogs.
  6. Fixed Max Download Days error and type mismatch problem in Driver Safety Score report.
  7. Solved Google API key issue.
  8. Export/Import of CarChip table is now supported.
  9. Super User can now edit data in any location.
  10. MySQL ODBC Connector 3.51.29 is now included in setup program. The ODBC driver will be available on FMS CD and will be installed in DriveRightMySQL Connector folder on the target machine.
  11. This release was built with CarChip.dll

What's New in v3.9.3

  1. FMS is now compatible with MapPoint 2009.
  2. A Graphical Day Report has been added.
  3. A Hard Acceleration Report has been added.
  4. CarChip "restore settings" feature has been added.
  5. A "Set Anomalous Vehicle" command is now available in FMS. NOTE: This feature is not for pre-CAN versions of CarChip. Vehicles and protocols supoprted depend on the CarChip's firmware version.
  6. Oracle login password has been encrypted to improve security.
  7. Connection and query timeout for Microsoft SQLServer has been increased to 120 seconds.
  8. Calculation of Time Over Speed has been improved to be more accurate.
  9. The calculation of Max Download Days in the Driver Safety Score report has been modified for accuracy.
  10. SmartCard Reader Driver has been upgraded in FMS Setup programs.
  11. Print and Print Preview for the Accident Log Report have been fixed.
  12. This release was built with CarChip.dll

What's New in v3.9.2

  1. Google Earth and Google Maps can be used as mapping tools, in addition to Map Point. Mapping with Google Earth or Google Maps requires an internet connection.
  2. New wireless device firmware version 10E0 is available in this release. User may update the firmware of Base Station and On-Board Modules through Wireless-Upgrade Firmware.
  3. To improve performance and reduce the file size of the Access Database the Fleet Management software will compact the database when it is closed.
  4. Import/Export, FTP Import/Export, and Backup/Restore now support exporting the TroubleCodes and ReadinessCodes database tables.
  5. Database->Maintenance menu is now enabled/disabled properly according to user's privileges.
  6. Current location is used as the default selection for the Company Locations list in filter dialogs of the Driver Safety Score report and Driver Safety Score Summary report.
  7. The Company Name field in Add/Edit Company Location dialog now allows a company name of up to 40 characters and will horizontally scroll automatically.
  8. In the Trip Summary Report dashes are displayed in the Idle Time column if the trips are from a DriveRight500.
  9. FMS has been tested with MySQL Community server 5.1 and the compatibility issue in the Driver Score Report has been fixed. MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver will be default driver for the Database Connection dialog for MySQL database.
  10. This release was built with CarChip.dll

Note: The Oracle database engine is not compatible with Windows Vista at this time.

Required: This DriveRight update requires purchase of a DriveRight console, DriveRight software v3.0.0 or above, a PC running Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and a serial port to connect to the DriveRight console.

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