How do I share my data with my family, friends or neighbors?

Option 1: Bulletin and Summary

If your weather station is set for public sharing (Device > Device Info > Weatherlink Network > Public), you can share the URL to your current conditions (Bulletin) with your family, friends and neighbors. As long as they are registered with a 2.0 account, they can view your data.

Option 2: Shareable URL

The Station URL gives you the ability to share your station data with anyone without requiring that person to log into and create an account.

  1. Log in to WeatherLink 2.0.
  2. Access the Device Info screen by clicking the wrench in the right sidebar, under the username and account picture.
  3. Select the station you are interested in the right sidebar.
  4. Under the device option, select Station URL.
  5. Click Preview to see each of the three sizes.
  6. Click Copy Link to copy and share the unique Station URL.

To share a more detailed view of your weather station, including the customizable weather bulletin, ask the person to create a account and search for your weather station name on the map.

Have your family, friends or neighbors download the app and create a WeatherLink account. You can either share a link to your weather station, or they can search for your station name or location on the map. With a simple click on the 'Add Station' button, your weather station will be added to their list of stations on their home screen.

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