(SOFTWARE) Fleet DriveRight Update for Fleet Versions 2.6.x

Version History

What's New in v2.6.2

  1. You can now add addresses in languages other than English
  2. The calibration number calculation for selected VSS PPM values was fixed for 500AL.
  3. The file debug.txt is now created when the program is started to assist with debugging any program startup problems the user may encounter.
  4. The download.db file was added to this upgrade package.

What's New in v2.6.1

  1. A "Days Since Last Download" report was added to the Reports menu.
  2. The time and date on the DriveRight device being downloaded using Host Mode is now displayed in the history window.
  3. The DriveRight software updates the tables path in the idapi.cfg file every time you run the software.
  4. The Set Odometer function for the 500AL was fixed.
  5. The program does not try to write GPS data for DriveRights which have GPS logging turned off.

Required: This DriveRight update requires purchase of a DriveRight console, DriveRight Fleet or Personal software v2.01 or above, a PC running Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP and a serial port to connect to the DriveRight console.

Platform: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Version: 2.6.2

 File Size: 15.5MB

Released: March 26, 2004

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