What features are available on WeatherLink.com 2.0?

Features available to you on the new WeatherLink.com 2.0 are: Bulletin, Chart, Data, Map and Mobile

A. Bulletin

  • New Features: Wind Rose, Local Forecast, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Phase
  • Key Features: Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Current Rain, Total Rain, Solar Radiation, Ultra Violet Levels
  • Ability to customize the bulletin: Display only the sensors you want, change the size and location of the sensor displays

B. Chart (Paid Pro Tier)

  • Access and visualize your historical data
  • Customize your Y Axis
  • Customize your display: color of sensor's graph line, switch between line and bar visualization
  • Visualize several sensor readings in one graph
  • Access and chart data of stations shared with you

C. Data (Paid Pro Tier)

  • Access and view your historical data in a table format
  • Customize your view of sensors, browse only the data you want
  • Export your data
  • Access and view data of stations shared with you

D. Map

  • Track public stations from all around the world (over 26,000 members)
  • View live data (current conditions) from of any public station
  • Access the Bulletin of any public station for even more data

E. Mobilize (Paid Pro Tier)

  • Track all the views you've created in your Mobilize App and access advanced agriculture-focused reports for Frost, Weather, Crop and Irrigation

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