Can I calibrate temperature and humidity?

You can calibrate inside & outside temperature, inside & outside humidity, as well as any extra temperature/humidity sensor readings you have transmitting to your Vantage Pro2.

  1. Select a variable to be calibrated.
  2. Press and release 2ND, then press and hold SET. After a moment, the variable you’ve selected begins to blink. Keep holding SET until the Calibration Offset message displays in the ticker. The ticker displays the current calibration offset.
  3. Press the+ and - keys to add or subtract from the temperature offset value. Inside and outside temperature are calibrated in 0.1° F or 0.1° C increments, up to a maximum offset of +12.7 (°F or °C) and a minimum offset of -12.8 (°F or °C). The variable will change value and the ticker will show the offset you’ve entered.
  4. Press DONE to exit calibration.

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