My Wind direction is showing incorrectly

If your wind direction is showing a different value than the physical vane on the ISS, it can always be calibrated into the correct position just as a setting on the console, using the "set" command while highlighted on your wind direction.

However, one very common mistake made in regards to this is when first putting the ISS together, there is a specific set of instructions to follow in the installation manual that is often skipped by new users. Take a look below:

"Attaching the Wind Vane"

The Vantage Vue wind vane measures wind direction. The wind vane is mounted on a stainless steel shaft on the opposite side of the sensor suite assembly from the wind cups.

1. Hold the sensor suite assembly on its side with the anemometer and radiation shields on your left, the wind vane shaft on your right and the wind cups away from you.

2. When the sensor suite is held in this manner, the wind vane shaft is horizontal, and will orient itself so that its flat side will be facing to the right, as shown.

3. Holding the sensor suite assembly with your left hand, grasp the wind vane with your right hand so that the “arrowhead” end is pointed down.

4. Gently slide the wind vane onto the wind vane shaft, rotating the wind vane slightly left and right if necessary, until the end of the shaft is visible and protrudes slightly from the bottom surface of the wind vane.

5. Secure the wind vane to the shaft by firmly tightening the wind vane set screw with the Allen wrench provided.

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