Envoy8X Firmware, Direct PC Install 3.15 Windows (FIRMWARE)

RELEASE DATE: 27/03/2014

NOTE: This firmware is only for the Envoy 8X (#6318).

Version History

Firmware version 3.15

  1. Fixed alarm bug that occurred when used with Leaf/Soil/Temp Stations.

Firmware version 3.14

  1. Fixed a serial communication issue.
  2. Fixed outside temp and hum alarms which could not be cleared and reset.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused wind direction on ID 8 to be incorrect.

Firmware version 3.00

  1. Previous versions of firmware allowed a negative ET, now it will clip hourly ET values at 0.
  2. Added leading zero to temp readings between -1.0 and 1.0.
  3. Improved temp and hum index calculations.
  4. Low humidity readings now clipped at 1% and will not show 0%.

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