(FIRMWARE) CarChip Updater, Pro

This firmware is for the CarChip Pro (#8226) only.

Version History

What's new in version 3.21

  1. Now supports vehicles with multiple ECUs on the CAN bus.
  2. Fixed erroneous speed issue in Ford F-250 and higher trucks.
  3. Fixed page corruption problem during download.
  4. Improved end of trip detection in hybrid vehicles.
  5. Fixed trip duration problem in ISO/KWP and VPW/PWM vehicles.

What's new in version 3.14

  1. Added support for new anomalous vehicle choices: Renault EOBD, Intermotive Compatibility.
  2. Added support for new specific OBD II protocol selections.
  3. Fixed ISO buffer overflow bug.

To update your CarChip: Simply connect your CarChip to your PC with the USB interface provided with CarChip and run this program. It will automatically update the firmware in your CarChip.

Important Note: Before running the CarChip firmware upgrade program you must place it in the install directory of your current CarChip software.

Required: This firmware update requires purchase of a CarChip Fleet Pro (#8226 only), a PC running Windows XP or Vista and a USB port to connect to the CarChip.

Platform: Windows XP, Vista

Version: 3.21

File Size: 268KB

Released: October 23, 2009

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