Vantage Pro2 Wireless Console Firmware, Direct PC Install 3.88 Windows (FIRMWARE)

RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2020

IMPORTANT! This firmware is only for Wireless Vantage Pro2 Consoles manufactured April 2006 or later (product code of #6312. This will not work on a 6312C Cabled Console). The Inside Temp, Inside Hum, and Barometer readings will not appear if version 3.88 firmware is installed on consoles manufactured before April 2006.

Firmware version 3.88

  1. Improved evapotranspiration (ET) calculation.

Firmware version 3.80

  1. Modified heat index table to better support high temp and high humidity environments.

Firmware version 3.65

  1. Restored "Receiving From" from initial boot screen for easier setup configuration.

Firmware version 3.62

  1. Minor improvements to allow use of new (or alternate)Temp/Hum and Barometer.
  2. Added additional support for international radio frequencies.

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