Vantage Vue Console Legacy Firmware, Direct PC Install 3.00 Windows (FIRMWARE)

RELEASE DATE: 3/18/2013

NOTE: This firmware is only for older Vantage Vue Consoles (#6351, 6351M) with a manufacturing code that begins with A through G or MA.

Version History

Firmware version 3.00

  1. Updated internal communication between console and data logger for improved performance.

Firmware version 2.14

  1. Solved problem of inadvertent low transmitter battery message. It was displaying as soon as a low voltage was detected, now it will not display unless a low battery has been detected for a full 2 minutes.
  2. Outside humidity no longer displays 0%.
  3. Modified heat index table to match the algorithm used by the WeatherLink software.

Firmware version 2.12

  1. Fixed display of historical yearly rain totals over 812 mm for 0.2 mm rain collectors (highs, lows, and graphs).
  2. Range of LCD contrast adjustment reduced by half.
  3. Now you must be in the Current Weather screen to move to the Receive Diagnostic screen.

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