(FIRMWARE) CarChip Updater, E/X with Alarm

This firmware is for the USB CarChipE/X with Alarm (#8225) only.

Note: The firmware update programs must be saved in the CarChip directory.

Version History

What's new in version 2.21

  1. Fixes a bug that would cause the last trip record to be too long in both distance and duration. This would only happen when the CarChip was immediately unplugged from the vehicle following the last trip

What's new in version 2.20

  1. Implemented support for One Second Speed Logging
  2. Implemented support for Readiness Monitor Code reporting
  3. Addressed problem of maximum speed spikes
  4. Re-arranged order of some records to help address ambiguity in trip starts and ends
  5. In the ISO/KWP protocols, added auto baud detection
  6. Improved ability to record and log information that helps identify vehicle communication problems

To update your CarChip: Simply connect your CarChip to your PC with the USB interface provided with CarChip and run this program. It will automatically update the firmware in your CarChip.

Important Note: Before running the CarChip firmware upgrade program you must place it in the install directory of your current CarChip software.

Required: This firmware update requires purchase of a CarChipE/X with Alarm (#8225 only), a PC running Windows 98SE/NT/2000/ME/XP and a USB port to connect to the CarChip.

Platform: Windows 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Version: 2.21

 File Size: 116KB

Released: November 21, 200

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