I'm getting bad reception, how can I troubleshoot?

While we have tested the Wireless Vantage Pro2 radio extensively, each site and each installation presents its own issues and challenges. Obstructions, particularly metallic ones, often cut down your station’s reception distance. Be sure to test reception between the console and ISS, in the locations you intend to install them, before permanently mounting your ISS or other transmitter(s). The console’s reception status displays at the lower right corner of the screen.

  • An “X” flashes for every data packet received by the console.
  • An “R” displays when the console is trying to re-establish a lost connection. The console tries for 10 minutes to re-establish a connection before going into L Mode.When no data packets have been received for 10 minutes, the console dashes-out any missing sensor readings.
  • An “L” displays when the signal is lost (and the console is “asleep.”) The console stays in this mode for 15 minutes until returned to “R” mode. To force the console into “R” mode (“wake up” the console), enter and exit Setup Mode.

For more details on your console reception, Console diagnostic mode

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