What is the difference between WeatherLink.com 1.0 “blue page” and the new WeatherLink.com 2.0? - (FAQ)

WeatherLink.com 2.0 is a major upgrade of the entire site with enhanced features.

We’ve elevated every aspect of the WeatherLink.com experience with all the popular features still in place. Everything you had with original WeatherLink you still have with our new site, but with many improvements. The interface is intuitive, customizable, and beautiful. With the FREE basic account, you'll see all your current data in the new Dashboard Bulletin. There you can size and move tiles as you prefer. If your station is set to Public, you and others wil also see your current data on the WeatherLink.com Map.

 You can also download the WeatherLink Computer Software and download updates to it as they become available -- for FREE.

We have added the ability to chart, graph, archive and export you data in the Cloud environment. This is a new feature that didn't exist with original WeatherLink. To take advantage of these new features, upgrade you account to Pro. (Of course you can continue to do these tasks on your computer with the WeatherLink Computer Software.)

We've got plenty more planned to be developed in the near future.

We've updated the WeatherLink app too! Be sure to get the new app on your smartphone or tablet so you'll have access to your weather data wherever you are.

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