I’m a Mac user. What setup to push data online do you recommend for me? - (FAQ)

If you have access to WiFi router, hub, or extender, the best setup would be to use WeatherLinkIP. That allows you to send your weather data to the WeatherLink Cloud automatically without any need of computer or computer software.

Within minutes, you can view your current conditions live on WeatherLink.com 2.0 Bulletin tab using any major browser.

On top of that, Pro Tier plan for only $3.95/mo gives you all the data features allowing you to visualize, graph and compare all your sensor data as well as ability to export the data in .csv format anytime from any computer.

2. Mac USB Data Logger (#6520)

If you don’t have access to WiFi router, hub, or extender, we recommend using Mac USB Data Logger that comes with WeatherLink Computer Software (Mac version) included.

To view your live data on WeatherLink.com 2.0 and to store your data in the WeatherLink Cloud, you need to keep your computer and your WeatherLink Computer Software running 24/7.

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