How can I show my data on my personal website? Do you have an API or a widget option? - (FAQ)

Yes, we have many options.

Current Conditions API

We have a current conditions API. Simply register online at by logging in to your account on; clicking the human (account information) icon on the right side of your screen then clicking the "generate Token" link in the bottom left.  See Figure 1 below

Archive Records API

To download historical/archive records from our cloud service see page 36 (Web Download) of this document for details on how to download archive records from our cloud service.

Embedded Widget

You can generate a URL that will link to a current conditions widget (3 possible sizes) by selecting the proper weather station in the station drop down in the upper right.  Once the station in question is displayed click the wrench icon and, under Device,  choose either Station Embed or Station URL to view the widget and get its URL and/or HTML embeddable link.  See FIgure 2 below.



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