What if I'm unable to mount my anemometer pointing to true north?

If the anemometer arm cannot be mounted pointing to true north, use this procedure to correct the wind direction console reading.

  1. Check the current direction of the wind vane on the anemometer. Compare it to the wind direction reading on the console.
  2. Press WIND as necessary to display the wind direction in degrees.
  3. Press and release 2ND, then press and hold SET.
  4. The wind direction variable will begin to blink.
  5. Continue holding the key until the CAL message appears in the ticker. The ticker displays the current wind direction calibration value.
  6. Press the < and > keys to select digits in the anemometer’s current reading.
  7. Press the + and - keys to add/subtract from the anemometer reading.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have entered the offset value from Step 1.
  9. Press DONE to exit calibration.

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