There is no weather data on my page and app.

Check the WeatherLink Live’s transmitter IDs and any sensor suite transmitter IDs. They must be the same for the WeatherLink Live to hear the sensor suite data.  

Check that the station type configured for that ID is correct.

On top of this, there could be a frequency mismatch going on. When first setting up the Weatherlink Live, and you are selecting the initial location for the device on the map, you MUST select the same country that you purchased your Weather station in (or for). This is because the frequency profiles for the Vantage style weather stations differ, depending on which country it was created for. The Weatherlink Live however, has EVERY frequency needed, already built in, but it can only use one of them at a time. This is dictated by the original location that was set when first installing the device.

- The way to correct this issue is to delete the Weatherlink Live from your account, reinstall it, then pick the correct country that matches where your weather station was built for. Then, once the station is running, you can edit the location pin to wherever in the world you like. Depending on which direction timezone-wise you move the pin, the device may go quiet until the time difference corrects itself. This is because the servers only want a single version of each timestamped datalog. Duplicates are ignored.

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