Is there a WeatherLinkIP firmware updater for Macs?

Unfortunately, we only have a firmware updater available for Windows PCs.  

If you need to update your WeatherLinkIP firmware and you do not use a Windows based machine you can do any one of the following.

  • Find a Windows PC on the same network your WeatherLinkIP is connected to and update from that PC.
  • Bring a Windows PC laptop into your network and update from that PC.
  • Use Parallels or Bootcamp on your Mac to run Windows and the WeatherLinkIP updater program.
  • Take the console and WeatherLinkIP datalogger to another network and use a Windows PC at that site.
  • Send your WeatherLinkIP datalogger to our service center for us to update the firmware.
    • You will only need to send us the datalogger itself, you can hold on to your console.  Call and get an RMA and instructions from us at (510) 732-7814 | M-F 7:00am to 5:30pm pacific time

 We realize these options are not ideal and if nothing else is possible at your end we are happy to update the firmware here in our service department.

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