Vantage Vue Console Firmware, Direct PC Install 4.37 Windows (firmware)

RELEASE DATE: 01/04/2018

NOTE: This firmware is only for consoles with a Mfg Code of MB or higher (e.g. MB, MC, etc.) (#6351, 6351M).

Version History

Firmware version 4.37 

  • Corrected Heating & Cooling Degree Day bug. 
  • Can now suppress Low Console Battery message using 2nd + Right Arrow (when on power adapter and in low console battery state)

 Firmware version 4.35 

  • ET now uses complex net radiation.  

 Firmware version 4.33  

  • Changed the alarm hysteresis behavior for the outside temp and outside hum alarms to better meet our user’s needs.  For example, assuming Fahrenheit, a low temp alarm of 34.0 will trigger at or below 34.0, but not turn off until the temp goes above 35.0 (1 degree of hysteresis).  A high humidity alarm of 80% will trigger at or above 80%, but not turn off until the hum returns to 78% or below.  (2 units of hysteresis)
  • Corrected the lamp behavior when an alarm is triggered at night.  It mistakenly was turning the lamps off if they were on prior to the alarm.  

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